Thursday, September 04, 2008

the undertaking

did you know that......

....there's a night bus?
between colaba and dharavi depot.
starting dharavi depot 11.25 pm
colaba depot 1.15 am
dharavi depot 1.15am
colaba depot 2.15 am

....there's a friendly bus?
(which means hail and board/alight service.)
so sweet na?

....if you're a freedom fighter...(you're probably dead),(too old to ride the bus) (too old to read this), you don't have to pay any bus fare??

....if you're blind(you definitely cant read this)(sorry!), your bus fare is a flat rate of 1 Re

.... that for the benefit of general public, coins in the denominations of Rs. 5/-, in exchange of notes in the denominations of Rs.50/- or Rs.100. are made available by the Undertaking, at all the Depots. The timings for this are 10.00hrs to 15.00 hrs, on all working days.
(lifted directly from website)

also ladies special buses & quick services(point to point)
timings are here.
oh, and the "route search by hospital " facility is pretty cool.
you may now ditch this blog and go to the website...