Friday, January 14, 2011

sewri bus depot

B.E.S.T. Museum, Anik Depot, Wadala

A trip to Anik Depot, Wadala, in the June of 2006 revealed these treasures. Models of buses, trams, ferries alongside a collection of motor company signs ever to have been a B.E.S.T.
There is also a huge model of the proposed development of Anik Depot.
Must visit !

Sunday, January 09, 2011

double decker bus home

made in fever and dream in i think 1996
dream of double decker bus with brass bed

apurvas first year bus project: documentation

all my buslove
and ranjits too
spent clicking photos using my bad cellphone camera and his good one
while somewhere deep in apurvas cupboard probably lay sleeping this labour of love
with the foldout conductor

and the amazing ticket box, the metal one that you dont see these days.
that apu too swears always fascinated him.
all the details lovingly drawn..

the conductor
ticket box
that space near the exit steps with the niches and the pipe handle and gorgeous details..

and for all those like myself who ever wanted to decode the numbers on the ticket....