Monday, April 15, 2013

dress code for best buses

the ladies seat reservations always assures you of a seat at least for some time if you're a girl. but becomes a zone of temptation for all the starved repressed sex addicts of the city. yes my knees were showing in my  skirt, maybe the dark mysterious gaps in clothing were a little too much for public transport. the proportions of seated girl to the average standing height of a bus travelling man ensures that you can rub crotch to bare shoulder. the front of the bus also allows for quick escape in case she protests.
striped pants unzipped- at eye level- thin weak man. the second in a starched white shirt , marathi middle aged man- stocky- lord of his house but probably frustrated at the sight of these shameless shameless girls travelling around and so superior. two on one journey- too many last evening. was scarily like my delhi bus journeys which used to be a free for all groping party.